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PAC 6 Basketball 12-13

RE: PAC 6 Basketball 12-13

It is hard mentally to prepare to beat a team you have dominated in 3 previous outings. Any team with the least bit of heart will be giving their all in the fourth meeting or else why even show up? The team that has won the 3 previous has to fight off the mental images of the 3 wins and approach the game as they would ANY other game. That is easier said than done. Is Hillside a better team than Jordan? No way, not even close. However they played well during a short spert, late in the game and took advantage of the Jordan mistakes. They won fair and square and have earned the right to move on to the regionals. It's not always the best team that wins, but it usually is the best team that night, that wins, and that night when the horn sounded Hillside played the best to win.

RE: PAC 6 Basketball 12-13

Was just talking to Assistant Coach Mayo of the boy's basketball program at HHS..... In their bracket he's squaring off against some of his Bull City Select players. First round was Dave Robertson and Grant Rasmussen, 2nd Round was Will Weeks, Jared Hendryx, John Brown and this evening will be James Hemphill of Broughton who got past TJ Evans who also played with Select last season. Speaks volumes of Bull City Select who collaborate top student-athletes (basketball) of Raleigh/Durham area while developing, progressing their skill sets and also helping them generate exposure in front of colleges/universities. If I'm not mistake Trevion Thompson (ATH) of football and basketball program at HHS also played with them last season.

Much success to HHS as they take on Broughton.... Durham vs. Raleigh! Respect to both programs. They both have great basketball history and tradition!

RE: PAC 6 Basketball 12-13

Really?? what a joke!! Hillside #4? lmfao! They beat Jordan on their fourth try and they rocket to number 4? Use your brain people. Jordan 9??? you guys are really clueless when it comes to understanding basketball and talent. To pick Jordan at 9th is to say that one game made or broke their season when it came to ranking. The incompetence is disturbing. Millbrook above jordan?? What is wrong with you???? Leesville Road over Jordan??? Gawd!! this is a joke.
Sorry if this is more direct than your used to but I guess it doesn't really matter, this final joke ranking anyway.

Anyone with half a brain would put Chapel hill 4th, jordan 5th and Hillside 6th.

Here is the full poll:

1. J.F. Webb (27-5)
2. Broughton (27-6)
3. Clayton (28-3)
4. Hillside (21-8) 5. Apex (20-10) 6. Leesville Road (19-9) 7. Millbrook (17-11) 8. Chapel Hill (24-5) 9. Jordan (23-5) 10. Garner (22-5)

RE: PAC 6 Basketball 12-13

Well said Talentscout.....right till the end, the refusal to recognize Jordan's talent and record just makes me smh. There is no way that Hillside shud be ranked higher than Jordan anywhere. Oh well.

RE: PAC 6 Basketball 12-13

Also congrats to Jared Hendryx, Tyrone Outlaw and Ricky Council for making the NCBCA 1st team for district 6. Job well done guys. And thanks for an exciting PAC 6 season.

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