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Broughton basketball

RE: Broughton basketball

There's a lot that Randy purports as "truths" that simply aren't so. I coached Isaac Copeland, Cam Gottfried and Chris Corchiani in AAU. I know their respective situations. Isaac was recovering from a serious injury most of last school season. I would agree he should have played more late in the year, but he didn't leave Ravenscroft acrimoniously. He doesn't turn 18 until June 13, very young for his grade. It made sense for him to reclassify, something that wasn't really an option at Ravenscroft. Corchiani Sr is the furthest thing from a "little league" parent that you will encounter. Little Chris started every game at BHS last season. It's absurd for anyone to suggest that he left because he didn't want to compete for playing time. Sounds like something floated by an insecure coach hoping to deflect scrutiny from their ability (or lack thereof). I can say with 100% certainty that it would be a HUGE mistake to infer that Cam's presence at BHS is in any way an endorsement by his father of the coaching there.

RE: Broughton basketball

why couldn't copeland reclassify. kids who transfer in always do

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