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Nick Stevens

10 basketball games to watch to close exam week

Published: 2014-01-17 11:55:00
Updated: 2014-01-17 13:43:42

Jan 17, 2014


Gary Clark (11) moves around a Broughton defender. HighSchoolOT Holiday Invitational at Broughton High School, Raleigh N.C. held on December 28, 2013. The afternoon games included Broughton and Clayton High School. After a close game between the home team and Clayton, Broughton wins with a final score of 67 – 61. (Lexi Baird/ WRAL Contributor)

It has been a light week in the world of high school sports thanks to final exams for fall semester classes. The slow week will ramp up tonight though with a number of big high school basketball games in the Triangle.

Here are ten games to watch tonight as the exam break comes to a close.

Broughton @ Heritage (Boys)

Both of these teams are ranked in our Triangle Top 12 Poll this week. Broughton is ranked No. 7 while Heritage is ranked No. 10. If these two teams are going to keep pace with the Cap 8 leader Millbrook, winning this game is key. The Wildcats have beaten both Broughton and Heritage already this season. 

East Wake @ Knightdale (Girls)

This girls game is a match-up between two teams ranked in our Triangle Top 12 Poll. Knightdale comes in at No. 6 while East Wake is No. 7, and needless to say, this game has huge implications in the Greater Neuse River Conference standings where everyone is currently chasing Southeast Raleigh.

East Wake @ Knightdale (Boys)

Like the girls game, both of these teams are ranked in our poll this week. Knightdale has the edge, sitting at No. 5 in our poll, but East Wake is not far behind. The Warriors are No. 8. Only Lee County and Broughton separate the two teams in our poll.

J.F. Webb @ Orange (Boys)

J.F. Webb is coming off its 3-A state championship season, and the Warriors are going to Hillsborough to face a tough Orange team. Orange is ranked No. 9 in our Triangle Top 12 Poll. The Panthers have only lost twice this season and could be on track to win the Big Eight 3-A Conference.

Millbrook @ Sanderson (Boys)

It's one of Wake County's oldest rivalries, and it's always fun to watch. Sanderson was one of the favorites in the Cap 8 coming into the season, but the Spartans have had to deal with the loss of a handful of players. Parker Fennema tore his ACL, and a few others were disciplined in December. Millbrook is atop the Cap 8 right now and ranked No. 2 in the Triangle Top 12 Poll behind Northern Durham.

Northern Durham @ Hillside (Girls)

Neither one of these two teams are ranked in our Triangle Top 12 Poll right now, but by the end of the season they could be. Both teams sit at 8-5, but Northern has the leg up in the PAC 6 Conference standings. The Knights are 2-0, tied at the top with Riverside and Jordan, while Hillside is 1-1, sitting alone in fourth place.

Northern Durham @ Hillside (Boys)

The boys game between these two PAC 6 foes has conference implications as well. Northern Durham is the No. 1 team in our Triangle Top 12 Poll this week, sitting at 13-1 on the season. Hillside isn't ranked. Led by guard Ricky Council, Northern is the PAC 6 favorite this season, but Hillside is talented as well. Both teams have aspirations to win the league.

Panther Creek @ Holly Springs (Girls)

Holly Springs is coming off a loss to Green Hope, and the Golden Hawks need to rebound against Panther Creek to avoid losing two straight. Both teams enter the game ranked in the Triangle Top 12. Holly Springs is in the top ten at No. 9, while Panther Creek is the last ranked team at No. 12.

Southeast Raleigh @ Clayton (Girls)

Southeast Raleigh is tied with Chapel Hill as the No. 1 team in the Triangle Top 12 Poll, and the Bulldogs are facing a Greater Neuse River Conference foe who is always competitive in Clayton. The Comets are ranked No. 11 in our poll this week. Expect a lot of points to be scored in this game.

Southeast Raleigh @ Clayton (Boys)

Clayton's boys basketball team is coming off it's regional appearance last season, and with the return of Gary Clark who recorded a quadruple-double last Friday (the first verified quadruple-double in NCHSAA history), they are a favorite in the Greater Neuse River Conference. Southeast Raleigh isn't a pushover though. In fact, the Bulldogs are ranked No. 12 in the Triangle Top 12 Poll. Clayton sits at No. 4.

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